Career Choice and the Risk Premium in the Labor Market
(with Pedro Silos)
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Forthcoming, Review of Economic Dynamics


Distortions, Infrastructure and Female Labor Supply in Developing Countries
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European Economic Review


Talent, Labor Quality and Economic Development
(with B. Ravikumar and Gustavo Ventura)
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Review of Economic Dynamics


Analysing Labour Productivity in Ecuador
(with , Anson T. Y. Ho, Kim P. Huynh, David T. Jacho-Chavez)
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Springer Proceedings in Business and Economics (SPBE)

Working Papers:


Accounting for Cross-Country Income Differences with Public Capital

New Version Coming Soon

This paper offers new evidence on the sources of cross-country income differences by investigating the role of public capital in development accounting. I explicitly measure private and public capital stocks and I find large differences in both types of capital across countries. Moreover, differences in private capital are larger than the ones I find for total capital for the richest and poorest countries. The methodology I use implies a share of public capital in output of at most 10%. My findings indicate that differences in capital stocks can not account for a substantial part of the observed dispersion in income across countries.

Work In Progress:



Progressive Taxation and Occupational Mobility
(with Pedro Silos) Draft Coming Soon


Getting Away from 9 to 5: Flexible Work Schedules and the Gender Wage Gap
(with Chinhui Juhn and Pedro Silos) Draft Coming Soon


Capital-Skill Complementarity and Economic Development
(with B. Ravikumar and Gustavo Ventura)


Demographic Change and Productivity
(with Julio Garin and Pedro Silos)

Education Quality, Occupations and Economic Development: Is there a Skill-Technology Mismatch?
(with Elisa Keller and Michelle Rendall)